Sunday, October 4, 2009

Long time, No Blog

Well, it has been a long time since I wrote anything in my blog. Life happens! It always seems to keep happening. I think the last I blogged was an upload from Photobucket. So let's see......

I am now 19 weeks pregnant with my fourth! Yes, quite a surprise for us. My sonogram is scheduled for this Friday so hopefully I will find out boy or girl. A whole lot of people are hoping for blue over here! With three girls, Michael is so outnumbered!

I lost my job in August. That was very hard. Not only did I lose my job, but my computer crashed (literally). A power surge in a sever thunderstorm took it out. I finally got it back just a few days ago. I found a job (not my dream job), but it's a job part time. It's better than unemployment.

Kayla and Emma started school. Kayla, third grade and Emma, Kindergarten. I cried so hard when the bus left first day. Pregnancy hormones or just being a mom, I don't know! Kayla is excelling so much faster than what I expected. The only complaint her teacher has is she needs to slow down. She finishes her work too quickly. Emma, on the other hand, will require speech therapy again this year as well as occupational therapy for her fine motor skills. I wa shoping she had surpassed this, but she is a tough lil' thing and doesn't let the small things hold her back. Otherwise, she is loving Kindergarten and doing very well.

I learned that a dear friend of mine is engaged to be married, landed her dream position, and is having a baby! Alot for her to take in at once. I was devastated to learn she had lost the baby and I wasn't there for her. This is a woman who has gone through so much medically in her life that this is one blow she didn't need. I have faith that she will have strength and perserverance to get through this. She has a great guy (from what I heard, I have yet to meet him) and a very supportive family. One I am glad to call my adopted family.

Like I said, life has happened over the past few months. We have had our gains, we have had our losses, but through it all I maintained my faith in the Lord above. Would I be lying if I said my faith teetered a bit? No, because at times I cried out Dear Lord, why me? But His answer came swiftly. I will not give you anything that you cannot handle My child. I am always here. Thank you Dear Lord for that!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

McLinky Blog Hop Tuesday 7/7/09

Favorite picture:


Allison is looking at Emma and Kayla like are they my sisters, REALLY??????

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

April Rose.... a fake... my heart did not want to believe.....

It has taken me awhile to update my blog. Life has happened as I say, but I do want to address the whole "April Rose" issue. I followed this blog daily. I rejoiced in the positive updates, I cried at the setbacks, they had me all the way until.... the truth came out. The truth hurt. How could someone fake a sick baby? Was it for money? Did they truly have this happen in their life and this was their way of dealing with it now? Anyone who has read my blog has seen how much I wished for this baby to be born alive if even for a few moments. And it saddens me that it was never true. That technically it mimcked someone else's own true story of pain and heartache. I cannot be angry with the person who did this because they seriously need help to overcome whatever made them do this. I do hope that everyone can say a prayers for the true victims in this situation. Not the bloggers who stood steadfas with "B", Beccah, whatever her true name is, but the woman who lost her own child to Trisomy only one year ago. Her name is Raechel and although I do not have the specifics on her site, I have read excerpts of her own heartbreak only a year ago and I can't imagine what she is going through now basically reliving it in a fake scenario of her own heartbreak. So please everyone pray for Raechel to get through this. Pray that Beccah, "B" is delivered from her wrongdoing and is given the strength to overcome whatever brought her to do this. Only two know of why she did, herself and the Lord.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hoping In Pink For April Rose

As most of you know, I follow some blogs religiously! April Rose happens to be one of them (see link to her page on this page).

Today is April's mommy's due date! 40 weeks... a milestone she didn't think she would make! Well, her friend (Raechel) proposed an idea that anyone that can possibly participate on this day do this for April's mom. Wear something pink, anything pink, because afterall we are "Hoping In Pink" and email it to . She is posting all pictures for April's mommy to look at. She has quite a few so far. And don't worry if you can't wear pink or don't have pink. Take a picture of something pink and the title of the day, "Hoping In Pink". That is what I did.


Dear little April Rose:

I hope you are born screaming your little heart out. Your mommy needs to hear your cries. She has wanted to see your face for so long, hold you in her arms, and love you. May God continue to let you grow (even though you are only a lil' peanut) until it is time for you to be born. You have overcome so many milestones with your mommy already, and people are truly amazed you made it this far. Stay strong, grow stronger, and come out to your mommy and daddy the lil' fighter that you are. They can't wait for you to be here and those who have been praying for you can't wait for you to be here either. You are loved in so many ways! God Bless!!!!

Marlboro, NY

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes I Think I Am Crazy, but I See Something In These Photos

I was looking through the different photos posted on Adam Freeman's Facebook by people all around the country (possibly world, not everyone gave their location) posted of their balloon launch in memory of Kayleigh.

The first one I saw that actually had a description of after the balloon was launched and I took the picture, a cloud resembled an angel. Well, I didn't see the "angel" they were referring to, but I distinctly saw what looked to me like a face. Yes, eyes, nose, and mouth. Judge for yourself:


In the next three, it almost looks as if the balloons are floating into Heaven's light (they are gorgeous photos)




In this photo in particular, it looks as though there are "angel's wings" on the right side of the photo (they are faint in the clouds)


And finally in the last photo, it looks as if there is an angel's silouette in the clouds. if you look under the last three balloons on the right hand side you can see it.


As I said, I may be crazy, but I see something here. I think lil' Kayleigh made her presence known to all who supported her and her family in one form or another. In my case I believe it was the mysterious purple balloon and the "stuck" balloon unsticking itself, flying higher than anyone could imagine, and whisking itself south. The ONLY balloon that went south.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and our loved ones (or those we have prayed for) let us know they are watching in mysterious ways.

Have you ever seen a butterfly and thought of a loved one passed? Have you ever heard a special song and felt the prescence of someone gone to soon? Have you ever felt a cool breeze and the feeling that things would be okay and your "guardian angel" was with you?

All of these things could be a sign that our loved ones (friends or family) are still with us, watching us, protecting us, loving us.

Rest in peace sweet Kayleigh and may God continue to give strength to the Freeman family!